This is me, Sulamita šŸ‘‹
By Sulamita Ivanov

Posted on 10/12/2023

This is me, Sulamita šŸ‘‹

Hey! Iā€™m Sulamita, a frontend content creator. Iā€™m a self-taught developer and Iā€™m sharing my journey by documenting everything I learn so that it can help others.

I was a professional photographer who had my own business in high school and through college. Overtime I realized that photographing people as a job was not for me. I still love photography and fashion and share my hobby on Instagram.

I started graphic design and designed logos and websites for my husbands digital marketing company. I loved the design aspect of it but I wanted to learn how to code when my husband, Dennis Ivy started coding and needed help designing his projects. I began learning HTML and CSS and then JavaScript.

Eventually I got discovered by a recruiter on LinkedIn and got my first tech job for a SAAS company, Eptura, as a developer of user journeys. I took on a lot of tasks to custom code our docs site and anything else than can help me acquire more skills. I was able to double our traffic to new products on the dashboard.

Now I am a fulltime content creator and enjoying the process of learning and sharing about frontend development. I go to conferences with Dennis and share the journey on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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